Let’s stop the shame around menstruation.
Let’s honour & understand the cyclical nature of our women and their connection with the moon.
Let’s reclaim our energy to harness our power, wisdom, creativity & nourishment.

It’s simple.
Track our menstruation alongside La Luna and align with the energies, emotions and expressions in those phases.

Strengthened routines.
Deepened relationships.
Intimate self love.

This calendar supports you! 

I’m not going to make you pay, I’m going to let you.
I believe in an economy of generosity.

$20 - Cover the cost
$30 - Cost plus love
$40 - Cost plus friend
$50 - Cost plus support
*Australia wide postage included in all
Over $40 gets 2 posters
*Please get in touch for shipping outside of Australia


I trust that those who can will consider paying a little extra to help me offer it to those who can’t.



No amount felt quite right.
$20? Covers the printing and postage cost.
$30? Considers research & collation efforts.
$40? Values design time.
$50? But that’s not accessible to some people.
$200? Emma, you’re a dreamer!
I want everybody to have this wisdom, so I choose to value inclusivity over exclusivity.
You choose your value and pay what you feel!

I believe in the intrinsic good of humanity - when trust and generosity are needed, we always prevail. We want to help each other, it is ingrained in us. If everyone were to just give, nobody would be in lack. I hope for a world where things are shared and offered freely. Where we support one another. A global community of abundance. Of interconnectedness. So here’s me doing my bit, hands wide open.
Take what you need and share what you can!


For the people that asked for it!
If you have received your calendar, love it and feel it is of more value than you had origionally paid and would like to share the love even further and help other women get it, this is how you can do that!